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Old 10-10-2014, 08:39 AM
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Default Newton?

Anyone thinking of moving to Newton? Be informed! And Warned! City has passed a boatload of ordinances restricting your uses of property, etc. I would ask for a full copy of: code of restrictions...oops code of ordinances before making the decision to move. Taxes are rising with more proposed increases on the way. Ex: franchise fees on utility bills, etc. we now have a paid nuisance control official who drives around all day LOOKING for nuisances. Seems to me, if you must seek out the nuisance- it must not really be a nuisance. This is big city ruling over a small town people. Our city government is top heavy as H*ll with some making 6 figures for a pop. of 15000 and change. We currently have a rubber stamp council, so you basically have no say.
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