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Old 06-01-2015, 04:01 PM
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Default It’s NATIONAL DONUT DAY! Did you know that the Salvation Army introduced Nation...

It’s NATIONAL DONUT DAY! Did you know that the Salvation Army introduced National Donut Day during the Great Depression to raise awareness and funds for their social service efforts? Dubbed the “Donut Lassies”, female Salvation Army volunteers would offer writing supplies, stamps, home-cooked meals, tailoring, and donuts for soldiers on the front lines during World War I & II.

So grab a cup of joe and a donut or two, put your feet up, and watch this brief video on how Donut Day came to be! Better yet, take a hint from these cool women and volunteer your time and efforts to help make our community better every day.

The Salvation Army's Sweet Role in Doughnut History

Ever wondered who to thank for bringing the delicious doughnut to America? Would you believe, The Salvation Army played a major role! Watch this thirty secon...

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