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Originally Posted by ralph View Post
I'm scared, 4 cops opened up on a unarmed man in Des Moines the only weapon he had was a wrecked van, it looks just like mine except for the police car stuck in the front of it. when one cop starts shooting they all do. Fortunately they didn't kill him
Witnesses and the suspect himself claim the the opposite.

A man robbed the bank after passing a note to the teller saying he had a gun and then took off on foot, police said.

"I just saw the smashing of the van hitting the car. I saw the guy come out with a gun and hit it drawn," said Tennille Scroggins. "All of a sudden, I saw the cop go after, try to get him and then I heard gunshots."

"The cops just opened fire on the van, and then the guy jumped out with a gun," said Troy McConnell.

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