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Moderator Neil 03-17-2009 02:45 PM

If you would like to post in the Classified Ads section without using your glurb username you may use this option:

1) LogOut of your glurb account.
2) Return to the Classified Ads page/forum.
3) Click "New thread" or "Post Reply" (if you are replying to an existing thread).
4) Enter a name (or leave as "Unregistered").
5) Create your post.
6) Optional: Put on clean socks.

a) From time to time, posts made NOT using your glurb username will need to be approved before they are visible on glurb, this will not be as immediate as posts made with your glurb username.
b) Please don't abuse this method of posting.
c) Be sure to report posts that you believe shouldn't be displayed.
d) If you create a post or thread while not using your glurb username, glurbers won't be able to private message you so be sure to include some method of contact.
e) You won't be able to subscribe to the thread so you will need to check for responses.
f) You won't be able to upload attachments (e.g., pictures) via glurb. You will need to post a link to an image that is hosted on another site such as:,,, etc.


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